Body Positivity or Toxic Body Positivity?

While scrolling trough social media, I saw videos of people talking about body positivity. Truthfully, what I saw was some people commenting on one girl’s video when she said even plus size body is a normal body too, and these people commented that being overweight could come with the dangerous of heart diseases if not being taken care of.

I think about this topic for a long time. Although I do agree that the concept of beautiful in the society always excluding plus size body type is very toxic and discriminating, at the same time I also agree being healthy is what matters most. So I begin to wonder if body positivity could have negative effects or not?

I’ve try to read many articles, watch and read people perception on body positivity. After reading all of that I don’t think the purpose of body positivity is telling people to just accept their body the way they are and I don’t think The Body Positivity awareness exist only for the people whom struggling with their body image but also for people to change our approach about the beauty standard that exist in our society. Lets not lie to each other that for a long time how smooth our skin looks like, how fair and dark, and how big and small our body might seem, actually determines our worth to be called beautiful. Because of that many people do many extreme and dangerous things just to be called beautiful.

“why are we supporting people to do unhealthy thing to their body just to filled their ego?”

I think many people have different struggles, similar but with different experiences and stories and we will never know what people have to go trough to where they are now. Doing work out or eating healthy doesn’t change your body overnight, it takes time and everyone have their own time. If words like ‘you’re beautiful just the way you are’ that you saw on the comment sections on many social media accounts makes you think that they filled their ego, I’d like to think they’re not an experts and that’s why they can’t make any suggestions other than giving their supports. When we saw people are sharing their struggles with their body image, we don’t know the whole journey they have to go trough and assumptions can possibly add more pressures and might lead them to do dangerous things.

For me personally, I think being beautiful should be comfortable and I think people should be allowed to feel beautiful no matter what. Therefore I think people are already beautiful since they’re born and being healthy needs to be maintained since birth.

As I’m still learning, this was written not to give any definitive about body positivity and this is only my opinion about this matter. For more information about body positivity I would like to recommend to read ‘What is Body Positivity?’ article by Kendra Cherry from verywellmind website.



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